Circuit de découverte de Langres à la RenaissanceMention obligatoire pour toute utilisation : ©

The result of a partnership between the Heritage Department of the City of Langres and the Departmental Unit of Architecture and Heritage (UDAP), this 16-stage tour evokes the profound urban transformations that took place in the city during the Renaissance.
In the 16th century, a profound movement of artistic renewal began throughout France. In the wake of the achievements promoted by King Francis I and his court, the fashion is to the reinterpretation of Antiquity. Civil, religious and military architecture is profoundly altered to adopt the taste of the time. In Langres, the urban landscape is tinged with Renaissance buildings, while the fortifications undergo many adaptations still largely in place today.
By means of renditions proposed by the UDAP, archival documents or visuals to evoke inaccessible or disappeared elements, this tour allows you to immerse yourself in the languish environment of the 16th century.

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Distance totale : 5.01 km
Altitude minimum : 449 m
Altitude maximum : 474 m
Altitude moyenne : 465 m
Denivelé positif cumulé : 108 m
Denivelé négatif cumulé : 108 m
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