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The river of the Aube deafens... and immediately chatters! It whispers, murmurs, sings, then roars under the foliage. It dawdles in a knot to get out again. It straddles erratic boulders and bedrock in a famous tohu-bohu... Here, in this forest environment, man has written on these banks some beautiful pages of history. Here, in this forest environment, man has written on these shores some of his beautiful pages of history, those which have made the world what it is today: the exploitation of the soil and subsoil, the mastery of water and fire, the industrial adventure and its corollary, the technical revolution, the land and economic power of the powerful...
The walking time indicated does not take into account the time required to read the 8 desks scattered along the discovery trail.

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The Sources of the Aube and the black stork

Go with Célestine, the black stork, to discover the sources of the Aube, the forest and the past of the men who made this country by exploiting the riches of the soil, by mastering water and fire. You will discover the trades of the past through the secrets and techniques of the old inhabitants. And don't forget to answer questions about your host in order to know everything about Célestine and her species, the emblem of the National Forest Park.
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Distance totale : 4.42 km
Altitude minimum : 371 m
Altitude maximum : 410 m
Altitude moyenne : 386 m
Denivelé positif cumulé : 159 m
Denivelé négatif cumulé : 158 m
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